"Inchant is a collective of singers who want to challenge the choral climate. With fresh insight, creative settings, imaginative appearances and innovative leadership, this group sound and look amazing. A choir where singers are encouraged to use their full voices, their performances leave your creative batteries recharged, and when it's over you simply want more!

Rachel Staunton 

Artistic Director, London Youth Choirs


Inchant is a forward-thinking collective of professional singers reimagining the choral concert experience. A choir and charity bringing inspiring and memorable performances to audiences across London, whether they’re long standing choral fans, or first-timers looking to try something new.


Inchant concerts are relaxed and intimate - the perfect chilled night out. We perform a variety of music, old and new, from undiscovered gems to popular choral classics. We’ll tell you a bit about the pieces and composers before we perform them, so you know what to expect. Inchant concerts are conducted by our Artistic Director, Emma Warren.


Our choir size and combination of singers depends on the requirements of each project. Sometimes we perform concerts with upper voices only, and other times we perform with mixed voices. The members of Inchant are drawn from a pool of some of London’s top young professional singers. 

Our Story

Inchant was founded by friends and choral music enthusiasts Emma Warren and Harry Boulton. Neither of them grew up in musical families, but they both discovered a passion for singing in choirs in their school years, which eventually led them to pursue careers in music. Over the years, both Emma and Harry have had to try and explain the traditions and ‘unspoken rules’ of choral concerts to their friends and families. In 2022, shortly after graduating from university, they started to question how things could be done differently; keeping the same high-quality choral singing at the heart of things, but exploring new ways of presenting it to make it more accessible to a wider audience. After much discussion, they started experimenting, and Inchant was founded.